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Center for
a Healthy America

The United States healthcare system has the world’s best medical innovation, specialty care, and scientific discovery, yet our fractured healthcare system does not serve Americans to its fullest potential. With rising consumer costs and diminished consumer control over the past half century, healthcare affordability and access have become top concerns of Americans. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) is identifying innovative policies to put healthcare back into the hands of the American people — stripping power away from the nexus of big insurance and big government that invade the doctor-patient relationship and bankrupt households. AFPI will research and develop policies that put the patient and doctor in control, dignify life, promote better health and health outcomes, improve access to high-quality care, and lower healthcare costs. As a result of these efforts, Americans will become healthier and able to fully embrace life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Center for Education Opportunity

For American families and students today, education provides a pathway to the realization of their aspirations, and a realization of their dignity. Right now, public education achieves neither end. The key to a better education system, one that serves both America and Americans, is researching and developing policies that puts American families first, including choice. That’s exactly what the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) is here to achieve. AFPI will formulate educational policies that provide educational opportunity for all American families. This means putting parents and students — not bureaucracies, unions, or politicians — in charge of the education of America’s next generation. AFPI aims to restore our system of public education to its original, legitimate purpose: educating and raising the next generation of Americans, facilitating their dreams — and our prosperity. 

Center for
Second Chances

The American system of justice exists to safeguard our rights, and in doing so, create and sustain secure communities where Americans can live and their dreams can flourish. Too often, the justice system fails at both outcomes. A justice system gripped by metrics of performance divorced from public safety and the public good delivers outcomes ranging from unsafe communities, and rising crime rates to incarceration without clear purpose and beyond. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) works to change all that. AFPI will envision a system of American justice returned to its first principles — and to its best purpose. AFPI will research and develop policies to improve community safety, offender restoration, and respect for law enforcement. Americans deserve communities and neighborhoods where they can pursue the American Dream in security and opportunity, unbounded by fear.

Center for
Opportunity Now

Sound policies brought about the greatest economy for America’s most underserved communities with record low unemployment and skyrocketing wages for the most distressed Americans. Solutions such as low taxes, reasonable regulation, and worker prioritization worked for all Americans — and the results speak for themselves. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) will always strive for greater access to capital, food security, and clean drinking water while supporting entrepreneurship, capital inflow to opportunity zones, and family unification. AFPI is determined to lift up our forgotten men, women, and children and to ensure they are forgotten no more.

Center for
the American Child

Americans must provide the next generation with the resources and understanding necessary for their own journey as citizens. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) will research and develop policies to promote the social, emotional, and physical health of children. From improving our Nation’s foster care system to addressing neonatal abstinence syndrome, to incorporating character education and social emotional learning, AFPI will not fail our next generation and will provide a guiding light for a brighter future!