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Center for American Freedom

Center Vision

The American republic was founded as a government by, for, and of the people, to defend the people’s rights — but sadly that aspiration at times seems like a distant dream. Policymakers empower unelected bureaucracies that rule huge swaths of American life. Legislative, judicial, and executive power has become concentrated within the regulatory agencies themselves. As a result, regulatory agencies effect massive shifts in policy that elected representatives never voted on. Various protections empower the career bureaucrats to pursue their own preferred policies with little regard to the views of elected officials. What began two-and-a-half centuries ago as man’s greatest experiment in self-governance looks now like rule without consent of the governed. Meanwhile, the federal government ignores growing threats to American liberties like cancel culture, tech censorship, and state-sanctioned racial discrimination. The Center for American Freedom exists to defend American freedom from both government and non-governmental threats. It will conduct research and generate policies that cut the red tape of burdensome regulations, defend fundamental rights, and restore American governance as originally intended.

The Founders designed the Constitution to protect the people’s rights and hold the government accountable. They believed that concentrated power was vulnerable to abuse, so they divided federal authority between executive, legislative, and judicial branches. They further required the executive and legislative branches to regularly stand for re-election, holding policymakers accountable to those they govern. And they strictly limited the federal government’s authority, leaving most governing power to state and local government. The contemporary administrative state circumvents these constitutional protections. The federal government needs to return to these constitutional safeguards that protect Americans’ liberties. It also needs to take vigorous action to defend the American people’s rights from emerging non-governmental threats, such as cancel culture and tech censorship.

Policy Overview

  • Holding the bureaucracy accountable
  • Preventing bureaucratic abuses
  • Cutting red tape
  • Reducing Crony Capitalism
  • Preventing discrimination based on immutable characteristics
  • Protecting freedom of speech from cancel culture and tech censorship


The Honorable David Bernhardt

Chairman, Center For American Freedom

James Sherk

Director, Center for American Freedom